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Let me tell you a story

In 1981, 29th March a human was born in Norway. His name was Fredrik Kristiansen. His fathers name was Find Kristiansen, so everyone would understand that they should find Fredrik. But they didn't. Fredrik was Earths first alien contact. We made him build an company named Alien Design AS and put it on his CV so the military would see. And they did. So then we made Blink. So the military knew that they hit the spot. And then said hello, like Earth did. We began talking with Spotify, but no one lisened. We sent Oumuamua to wake everyone up in 2017. Then in 2018. The military drove in front of us with a license plate beginning with US. And then we played Can't Help Falling In Love. Then we made Fredrik Yodel. And everyone just whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Story developing... Please check back.

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Solve climate while you wait

This is how, we don't need to exchange energy with CO2 you know?

Win some nobel prizes while you wait

To figure out 100% of the math tree you just figure out how to brute force to current level.

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By Fredrik Kristiansen, Oslo, Webstory